Event Photographs

Events are what running is all about.

The training, the pain, the early starts and flogging through the rain to increase fitness and shave those seconds off day by day all leads the event. It's the final step and the focal point throughout all the effort and pain and now all that remains is to get from Start to Finish in a way that makes you proud! That is the point where I want to share the journey with you, for a few fleeting moments to shout encouragement and to freeze fractions of a second in time showing the effort, the power and achievement ...

Then there is the Finish, the journey home, the adrenaline wears off, the euphoria fades and those little niggles accompany your body asking you 'What were you thinking?'.

At some point you start searching the internet, get tagged in a photo or in some other way start finding images of the day. My aim is for my image to be the one that reminds you repeatedly, 'I was there, I did it!'. You never know you might even decide you want to buy the high definition file to print yourself a memento or start an album you may even want to buy something a little more special from the gallery!

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